Ian Stuart on music

“If I had to choose one band that influenced me the most I would have to say the Rolling Stones. Many people disagree with me on this, but I always admired the way that the Stones did what they wanted, despite the media’s often hostile reaction.”

“When Punk started in London it was a great atmosphere. It was a new thing, it was shit hot. We used to go to a club every night, get in free because we were in a band. It was a really good time to be there. We didn’t get hardly any hassle except perhaps a little bit off the teds. I used to get on with most of the teds anyway, especially when we turned Skinhead, when we were punks they used to hate us though.”

“We played with Motorhead, they were really decent blokes. We would always have a drink with the other bands” members if we were at one of their gigs. The Damned were really good blokes, we supported them a lot.”

“Glen was a brilliant guitarist, he really was good. He would have been wasted on doing punk music. The guitaring on Built Up, Knocked Down is amazing.”

‘the Madness film was done in about 1981 or something like that anyway because I didn’t have much money at the time, they just got me on the film, that’s all. I got the agency fee which was about EGO or something, and that’s why I was in the film.”

‘the geezer (Jimmy Pursey) has never been a Skinhead, he sings about it, but he’s never been one. There was only one Skinhead in that band ever, and that was their first bass player, Alby. He was the only Skinhead that’s ever been in Sham 69.”
“Sham cut their own throats by slagging off those people, because that’s what destroyed them in the end.”

“I like White Power. The lyrics, for me, apart from Tomorrow Belongs To Me, mean more than any other song we’ve ever done. It’s such a stark statement. It’s there. It’s very direct.”

‘tearing Down The Wall was about the Berlin wall which divided East and West Germany. It was built by the communists to stop people escaping from their “paradise”, their “workers paradise”! That song was recorded for the album out of respect for our German comrades because we share their belief in a united Germany which can only help strengthen European ties.”
“I like it (Blood & Honour). Personally, I think it’s the best thing we’ve done. It’s heavier and better produced than anything we’ve done before. The tunes on the album are more intricate, not so basic, though the music is still raw and powerful which is the way I like the band to be. There’s more to the tunes, more to the lyrics
and better musicianship.”

“We have had several requests from Germany for the Klansmen to play live over there. We normally do a couple of Klansmen songs at most Skrewdriver gigs anyway. The Klansmen haven’t actually been a steady line up anyway, we tend to use musicians from other bands. It’s good for them, as they get to record which a lot of bands don’t manage to do, and it also gets more people involved in our cause.”

‘the thing is that I write so much material that it is a way of getting songs on to vinyl rather than just forgetting about them. At present I have nearly completed the material for the next Skrewdriver LP which should be out by summer.”

With the Klansmen it has brought in a lot of Rockabillies into the Blood and Honour movement, which is a good thing. Hopefully the White Diamond will do the same thing with a few bikers. Basically we are just spreading our wings and trying to appeal to everybody, not just Skinheads. People that I have spoken to about it (The Reaper) seem to like it, As far as I’m concerned the guitar could have been a little bit louder and the vocals a little quieter. The original mix of it the guitar was too loud and you couldn’t hear the vocals, so we took it back to be re-mixed and it went the other way around.”
“If I went to the press and told them that I’ve changed my ways I could be on Top of the Pops. I could make a hell of a lot of money that way. If I was only in it for the money I wouldn’t be as dedicated as I am to the Nationalist cause. I would have sold out years ago.”